Discover the brilliance and durability of the world’s best uncompromising diamond alternative.

A moissanite is a lab-created gemstone, known best as an alternative for diamonds that are made of silicon carbide. These two gems are almost identical and moissanite shares many of the diamonds best traits like its eternal sparkle, extreme toughness and clarity – in fact, a moissanite stone has a higher refractive index than that of a diamond and exhibits nearly twice as much fire under direct light. Like its diamond cousin, moissanite comes in all shapes and sizes as well as a unique laser-inscription and a certificate of authentication with a lifetime guarantee!


Moissanite is nearly identical to both lab-grown and natural diamonds, but are available at a far more affordable price point.


Compared to natural diamonds, moissanite has a much smaller carbon footprint and are made in an environmentally and ethically responsible lab, so you can be sure your gem is 100% sustainably sourced and conflict free.

Moissanite engagement rings are becoming more popular in this modern day as they are more environmentally friendly and way more affordable and any diamond jewellery piece can be replicated in moissanite and look virtually identical.