Classic Engagement Rings

First and possibly most importantly, you will need to determine the ring design.
A variety of classic designs can be viewed below. You may want to consider your partner’s character, taste, lifestyle and personality.
As the engagement ring expert I will guide you through the process as well as provide ideas and references; design options are pretty much infinite!
You are also not limited to using diamonds as we have an array of gems, semi-precious stones and mossanites available.


A solitaire engagement ring is one of the most classic examples of an engagement ring. One single stone held by either 4 or 6 claws in either rose, white, yellow gold or platinum. This design emphasises the diamond or precious stone elegantly and makes it the centre of attention. Especially suited for women who appreciate a classic and timeless look.


A halo engagement ring’s centre stone is embraced by a circle of sparkling diamonds that serves to underline it’s inherit beauty. This style is particularly suited for women who love their jewellery to be more on the lavish side with a distinctly elegant side. Rings in this style are usually available with a single or double halo depending on the size of the centre stone and the unique taste of the bride.


Pavé describes a way of decorating the metal of a piece of jewellery or engagement ring with many small diamonds. Engagement rings are usually encrusted with diamonds down the band or on the halo alone and are often used to lend an additional radiance and sparkle to the whole composition of the ring.  The most popular being a 4 or 6 claw Solitaire with a Pave band. All Pave engagement rings can be set with any shaped diamond or gem stone.


Trilogy engagement rings features 3 stones usually diamonds and feature a plain or Pave band setting with the graduated stones. This means the centre stone is larger than the two side stone which are usually identical. Custom trilogy engagement rings are a more modern choice of design, featuring 2 different shapes of stones for example an Oval shaped diamond set with 2 fancy shaped diamonds like a Pear shape or Round shaped diamond.